Graphite City is the largest city in the Kamla Region. Inside the sprawling metropolis is the quaint Graphite Park, where bug catching competitions are held. Graphite City is initially attacked by the Blue Ribbon, and later you find their Hideout here.

Special Features Edit

Graphite Park Edit

Located in the middle of the city is this park. You can find all sorts of Pokémon here. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday you can take part in the Bug Catching Competition. Encounters and more information can be found on the Graphite Park Page.

Blue Ribbon Hideout Edit

The secret base for the Blue Ribbon opens up following the sixth gym. More information can be found on the Blue Ribbon Hideout Page.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Max Ether Item Ball in the bottom left of town.
Silk Scarf Item Ball near house by Pokémon Center.
TM37 Item Ball near the fountain on the other side of the river.
Super Potion Item Ball near the rocks by the river.
Dowsing Machine Gift from Jt once you return to the town.
TM17 Reward for defeating Pokémon Gym.
Full Restore Blue Ribbon Hideout
Max Elixir Blue Ribbon Hideout. Hidden inside a dresser.
TM73 Given by a person inside a house.
Great Ball Trashcan inside, near a person playing games.
Revive Trashcan inside, near a person on a computer.
TM30 Given by a blond person inside a house.
Black Belt Given by a black belt inside a house.
TM06 North end of city, behind building. (Upcoming)

 Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels Rate
Slowpoke 14-18 90%
Lotad 14-18 10%
Old Rod
Magikarp 5-20 100%
Good Rod
Barboach 15-20 60%
Goldeen 15-20 20%
Seaking 15-20 20%
Super Rod
Seaking 15-30 40%
Gyarados 15-30 40%
Barboach 15-30 20%

Graphite City Pokémon GymEdit

Gym Leader Preston Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Kecleon 19 nil Shadow Sneak Lick Fury Swipes Psybeam
Castform 20 nil Tackle Ember Water Gun Powder Snow
Munchlax 20 Leftovers Amnesia Defense Curl Rollout Tackle
Reward: TM17 Protect

Blue Ribbon Attack Edit

Blue Ribbon Admin Matt Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Zubat 18 nil Supersonic Astonish Wing Attack Bite
Poochyena 17 nil Sand Attack Odor Sleuth Howl Bite
Mightyena 18 nil Sand Attack Odor Sleuth Howl Bite

Defeating Matt and the Blue Ribbon for the first time opens up the second Pokémon Gym.