The third Route of North Kamla is a change of pace. Rather than the mountainous areas like the rest, it's a rainy forest. You've descended the mountain on your way to Temporal Town, but this Route awaits you!

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Big Root Item Ball near mountain entrance.
Stardust Hidden on rock.
Calcium Item Ball near secret base.
Rare Candy Hidden on rock.

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Gloom 44-47
Wooper 42-47
Lombre 44-47
Zangoose 44-46
Seviper 44-46
Swanna 45-46
Teddiursa 45-46
Palpitoad 44-47
Poliwhirl 44-47
Psyduck 44-47
Golduck 44-47
Old Rod
Magikarp 5-15
Good Rod
Goldeen 5-30
Magikarp 5-30
Super Rod
Seaking 30-40
Basculin 30-40
Seaking 30-40
Feebas 30

 Trainers Edit

Ace Trainer Mayuri Edit

Pokémon Level
Ludicolo 54
Starmie 53
Whiscash 55

Ace Trainer Floyd (Rematchable) Edit

Pokémon Level
Lampent 54
Leavanny 53