The final challange to all Pokémon Trainers: The Pokémon League. The League features four strong trainers, the Elite Four, and the Champion. Each has a type they favor.

Elite Four Connor Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Forretress 50 nil Stealth Rock Spikes Rapid Spin Gyro Ball
Metang 50 nil Toxic Psych Up Agility Meteor Mash
Lucario 50 nil Swords Dance Crunch Ice Punch Brick Break
Magneton 50 nil Double Team Charge Beam Flash Cannon Thunderbolt
Metagross 52 Sitrus Berry Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Thunder Punch Meteor Mash

Elite Four Connor (Rematch)Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Ferrothorn 70 Rocky Helmet Thunder Wave Leech Seed Protect Gyro Ball
Empoleon 70 Leftovers Stealth Rock Toxic Protect Scald
Excadrill 70 Choice Scarf Iron Head Rock Slide Drill Run Earthquake
Bastiodon 70 Leftovers Roar Toxic Magic Coat Avalanche
Metagross 70 Choice Band Bullet Punch Zen Headbutt Thunder Punch Meteor Mash
Aggron 72 Sitrus Berry Rest Sleep Talk Heavy Slam Earthquake

Elite Four Kyle Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Electrode 51 nil Taunt Volt Switch Thunderbolt Explosion
Jolteon 51 nil Swagger Quick Attack Thunder Dig
Magnezone 51 nil Magnet Rise Metal Sound Thunderbolt Flash Cannon
Lanturn 51 nil Heal Bell Thunder Wave Volt Switch Scald
Electivire 53 Sitrus Berry Ice Punch Fire Punch Wild Charge Earthquake

Elite Four Kyle (Rematch)Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Ampharos 72 Sitrus Berry Agility Volt Switch Dragon Pulse Thunder
Manectric 72 Petaya Berry Thunder Wave Volt Switch Protect Thunder
Magnezone 72 Leftovers Metal Sound Volt Switch Flash Cannon Earthquake
Eelektross 72 Sitrus Berry Knock Off Volt Switch Giga Drain Flamethrower
Electivire 72 Expert Belt Flamethrower Ice Punch Earthquake Wild Charge
Luxray 74 Choice Scarf Ice Fang Volt Switch Crunch Wild Charge


Elite Four Lorenzo Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Sharpedo 52 nil Bounce Earthquake Waterfall Crunch
Krookodile 52 nil Stone Edge Earthquake Brick Break Crunch
Crawdaunt 52 nil Dragon Dance Superpower Waterfall Crunch
Weavile 52 nil Swords Dance Ice Shard Night Slash nil
Umbreon 54 Sitrus Berry Wish Protect Toxic Foul Play

Elite Four Lorenzo (Rematch)Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Drapion 74 Black Sludge Swords Dance Toxic Spikes Poison Jab Crunch
Hydreigon 74 Sitrus Berry Protect Dragon Pulse Draco Meteor Dark Pulse
Scrafty 74 Choice Scarf Iron Head Drill Run Earthquake Rock Slide
Krookodile 74 Leftovers Stone Edge Superpower Earthquake Crunch
Shiftry 74 Life Orb Nature Power Leaf Storm Sucker Punch Dark Pulse
Houndoom 76 Sitrus Berry Nasty Plot Flame Charge Fire Blast Dark Pulse


Elite Four Sean Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Medicham 53 nil Bullet Punch Thunder Punch Hi Jump Kick Pyscho Cut
Slowbro 53 nil Trick Room Toxic Slack Off Scald
Reuniclus 53 nil Trick Room Shadow Ball Focus Blast Psychic
Gardevoir 53 nil Trick Room Will-o-wisp Protect Psychic
Alakazam 55 Sitrus Berry Calm Mind Disable Shadow Ball Psychic

Elite Four Sean (Rematch)Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Claydol 76 Leftovers Stealth Rock Toxic Earth Power Psychic
Espeon 76 Sitrus Berry Reflect Light Screen Yawn Psychic
Gardevoir 76 Sitrus Berry Trick Room Will-o-wisp Protect Psychic
Bronzong 76 Leftovers Explosion Gyro Ball Earthquake Psychic
Chimecho 76 Focus Sash Hypnosis Recover Disable Recycle
Alakazam 78 Twisted Spoon Substitute Focus Blast Shadow Ball Psychic


Champion Jt Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Sceptile 55 Damp Rock Rain Dance Dragon Dance X-Scissor Leaf Blade
Walrein 55 Sitrus Berry Rest Sleep Talk Water Pulse Blizzard
Azumarill 55 Damp Rock Rain Dance Aqua Jet Double Edge Waterfall
Lilligant 55 nil Quiver Dance Double Team Sleep Powder Giga Drain
Whiscash 55 nil Dragon Dance Substitute Earthquake Waterfall
Ludicolo 55 Sitrus Berry Toxic Double Team Leech Seed Giga Drain

Champion Jt (Rematch) (Double Battle)Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Ludicolo 80 Leftovers Toxic Double Team Leech Seed Giga Drain
Sceptile 80 Damp Rock Rain Dance Dragon Dance X-Scissor Leaf Blade
Azumarill 80 Sitrus Berry Rain Dance Belly Drum Aqua Jet nil
Walrein 80 Sitrus Berry Rest Sleep Talk Blizzard Waterfall
Lilligant 80 Lum Berry Quiver Dance Sleep Powder Double Team Giga Drain
Swampert 80 Chesto Berry Rest Sleep Talk Curse Watefall


Trivia Edit

The Elite Four and Champion are all based on the creator and his friends, who helped develop the game and provide support. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way, whether you made it into the Elite Four and Gyms, or not!