Postgame Episode 10 Guide Edit

In order to access this episode, you must first complete Postgame Episode 9. This gives you access to a variety of areas in the Hoenn Remnants. In order to complete this episode, simply defeat the Gym Leader Flannery.

Locations Edit

Route 111

Route 112

Lavaridge Town

Jagged Pass

Fiery Path

Boss Battles Edit

Gym Leader Flannery Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Magcargo 65 nil Shell Smash Lava Plume Ancient Power Light Screen
Blaziken 67 Black Sludge Bulk Up Flare Blitz Sky Uppercut Brave Bird
Houndoom 65 nil Nasty Plot Fire Blast Dark Pulse Will-O-Wisp
Camerupt 66 Passho Berry Yawn Fire Blast Rock Slide Earth Power
Torkoal 68 White Herb Yawn Overheat Explosion Attract