Postgame Episode 3 Guide Edit

When the Player enters the quiet Temporal Town, something just isn't quite right. The Player has to solve a time-twisting journey to fix Temporal Town's issues, and break free of the loop!

  1. Temporal is a town stuck in a Time Loop. In order to leave the town, and have the opportunity to capture a Mythical Pokemon, you need to do these six things.
  2. -Beat the Blue Resurgence thugs in Temporal Forest
  3. -Beat the Pokemon Gym
  4. -Bring the lost girl home.
  5. -Listen to the old mans story.
  6. -Repair the shrine in the forest.
  7. -Chose the correct responses to Jt's dumb dialogue. (yes, yes, yes, no)

 Boss Battles Edit

Blue Resurgence Grunt Edit

Pokémon Level Moves
Houndoom 56 Embargo Foul Play Flamethrower Crunch
Crawdaunt 55 Swords Dance Taunt Crabhammer Night Slash
Sharpedo 57 Agility Taunt Skull Bash Night Slash

Gym Leader Gannon Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Banette 53 Life Orb Trick Room Will-o-wisp Knock Off Shadow Claw
Dusknoir 54 Spell Tag Trick Room Earthquake Thunder Punch Shadow Ball
Cofagrigus 53 Leftovers Trick Room Will-o-wisp Nasty Plot Shadow Ball
Chandelure 55 Choice Scarf Trick Energy Ball Fire Blast Shadow Ball
Shadinja 54 Focus Sash Protect Will-o-wisp Shadow Sneak X-Scissor

Obtainable Pokémon Edit

After you have completed the event and broken the loop, you can visit Temporal Forest and battle Celebi.



Celebi 50