Postgame Episode 5 Guide Edit

With the enemy backed into a corner, the Player delivers a finishing blow to the Blue Resurgence in their Craterlake Hideout.

This episode has gotten fairly more complicated over time.

First, open the door by traversing the basement. The second floor, like the first, simply houses Grunts and is simple.

The third and fourth floors are where things get interesting. In order to access the exit for each floor, you need to open the door (opened by the laptops).

However, getting spotted by a grunt causes an alert! There are three stages to these floors


Enemies are not aware of your presence and patrol the slowest. Reinforcement units leave, as well.


Reinforcement units are still around. Guards are slightly more alert. This phase occurs after an alert.


This is when you've been spotted by a guard or camera! Grunts patrol more tiles and are quicker. In addition, Reinforcement units appear.

There are multiple ways to avoid Alerts.

  • Destroy all of the speakers on the wall.
  • Simply do not get spotted by Grunts
  • Speak to HQ to get the alert/caution level lowered

Notice: You can save a scientist on the fourth floor, who gives you an item afterwards in Craterlake.

This is additionally the ONLY TIME you can get Genesect's Drives.

Boss Battles Edit

Blue Resurgence Admin Allen Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Krookodile 57 nil Stealth Rock Stone Edge Earthquake Crunch
Weezing 56 Black Sludge Protect Smoke Screen Flamethrower Sludge Bomb
Sharpedo 56 nil Ice Fang Waterfall Earthquake Crunch
Absol 57 nil Double Team Fire Blast Night Slash Sucker Punch
Shiftry 55 Sitrus Berry Swords Dance Aerial Ace Leaf Storm Dark Pulse
Spiritomb 58 Black Glasses Will-o-wisp Pursuit Shadow Sneak Sucker Punch