Resort City is one of the largest cities in the Kamla Region. You can find all sorts of things to do here. The Pokémon World Tournament is available here, alongside the Department Store, and Game Corner.

Special Features Edit

Pokémon World Tournament Edit

Available once you have defeated the Pokémon League, the Pokémon World Tournament is above the city. More information can be found on the Pokémon World Tournament Page.

Game Corner Edit

The Game Corner lets you play a variety of games to earn coins and items. You can play traditional Slots, Voltorb Flip, and Roulette. Alongside these, there are trainers who like to play Triple Triad. There is a person who will check Pokémon ID Numbers and award you if the numbers match. Items and Pokémon Available can be found lower.

Department Store Edit

You can buy a variety of objects at the Department Store. Inside the basement, there are objects that can change Rotom's forme. On the rooftop, you can find a trade for a Heatmor.

Resort Harbor Edit

On the beach is the Resort Harbor. The sailors there can take you to a variety of locations. You can access Horizon Island, the Battle Frontier and Faraway Island from here, given you have the Old Sea Map. If you have the World Pass, you can access the different regions from here. Once you've started the postgame questline, you can also access the Remote Island here.

Abandoned Base Edit

An old, ancient hideout from years ago. You can find a variety of items inside.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
TM100 House below fountain.
X-Attack Top floor of multi-storied house.
HM04 Looker inside of Pokémon Center.
Sun Stone Item Ball on beach.
TM51 Item Ball behind Pokémon Center.
Coin Case Person outside of Game Corner.
Stardust Hidden in the sand near the Harbor.
Pearl x4 Hidden near the lower part of the beach and on an island. One is hidden near the abandoned base and another pne is also on the island near the entrance.
Big Pearl Hidden in the center of the beach.
TM59 Woman outside of houses inside the Pokémon World Tournament.
TM18 Pokémon Gym Reward
Full Restore Abandoned Base. By the non-functioning elevator.
Pokédoll Abandoned Base. By the boxes on the left side.
Full Heal Abandoned Base. By the stairs a floor down.
TM78 Abandoned Base. By the boxes near the nonfunctioning warp tiles.
Water Stone Abandoned Base. By the water a floor down.

Game Corner Items Edit

Items Coins
Smoke Ball 800 Coins
Miracle Seed 1000 Coins
Charcoal 1000 Coins
Mystic Water 1000 Coins
Yellow Flute 1600 Coins
TM13 4000 Coins
TM23 3500 Coins
TM24 4000 Coins
TM30 4500 Coins
TM35 4000 Coins

Department Store Items Edit

Items Location
'Trainers Market' Floor Two
TM Shop Floor Three
Evolution Stones Floor Four
'Drug Store' Floor Five
Mail Floor Five/Two
Vending Machines Rooftop

 Obtainable Pokémon Edit

Pokemon Coins/Method
Abra 180 Coins
Clefairy 500 Coins
Dratini 2800 Coins
Scyther 5500 Coins
Porygon 9999 Coins
Heatmor Durant (Trade, Dept. Store Rooftop)

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels Rate
Wailmer 5-25 90%
Tentacool 5-25 9%
Tentacruel 5-25 1%
Old Rod
Magikarp 5-25 70%
Goldeen 5-25 30%
Good Rod
Magikarp 5-25 60%
Carvanha 5-25 20%
Barboach 5-25 20%
Super Rod
Corphish 5-25 40%
Barboach 5-25 40%
Carvanha 5-25 15%
Gyarados 5-25 4%
Shellder 5-25 1%

Resort City Gym Edit

Surf your way up to the top by defeating trainers to get rid of bouys. This gym is focused on the Water Type. At the end, it will be raining, so be prepared.

Gym Leader Julia Edit

Pokémon Level Item Moves
Tentacool 32 nil Toxic Spikes Surf Sludge Bomb Protect
Floatzel 33 Sitrus Berry Beat Up Waterfall Aqua Jet Baton Pass
Wailord 33 Chesto Berry Yawn Water Pulse Sleep Talk Rest
Reward: TM18 Rain Dance