Route 12 is a beachside walk below Resort City. It's rather lengthy, and it also has an offshoot that leads to the Resort City Park.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Hyper Potion Item Ball near top gate.
TM87 House on Route.
Pearl x2 Hidden in sand and arock.
Big Pearl Hidden in sand.
Revive x2 Hidden in sand.
Hard Stone Given by boy on the beach.
Shell Bell Given by man on island.

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Wingull 26-30
Kirlia 26-30
Linoone 26-30
Pelipper 26-30
Tropius (Pokéradar) 20-30
Tentacool 26-30
Wingull 26-30
Tentacruel 26-30
Old Rod
Magikarp 26-30
Good Rod
Shellder 26-30
Barboach 26-30
Gyarados 26-30
Super Rod
Shellder 26-30
Chinchou 26-30
Horsea 26-30
Seaking 26-30

 Trainers Edit

Swimmer Ness Edit

Pokémon Level
Tentacool 32
Lombre 32

Swimmer Lucas Edit

Pokémon Level
Lanturn 32
Lombre 32