Route 18 is a climb up to Mt. Icepick. The Route is a counterpart to Route 15. It is initially blocked off by a rockslide until the 4th Pokémon Gym is defeated. There are three different sections of Route 18, ranging from the outside climb, to the snowy section near Icepick City. You can meet Suicune on this Route, too.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Super Potion Item Ball near the first pond.
Ultra Ball Item Ball near the first Hiker.
Max Repel Item Ball near the cave entrance.
Nevermeltice Item Ball in outside section of cave.
Icy Rock Item Ball in grass patch on snowy area.

Special Features Edit

Icy Stone Edit

Leveling up Eevee on the Icepick City side of Route 18 can evolve it into Glaceon.

Suicune Edit

You can find Suicune here for the first time. When you return after the Pokémon League, you can see Suicune again. After you see it again, it will roam the Kamla Region.

 Wild Pokémon (Rocky Area) Edit

Pokémon Levels
Land Morning
Machop 26-31
Geodude 26-31
Beldum 26-31
Meditite 26-31
Poochyena 26-31
Zigzagoon 26,31
Scraggy 26,31
Land Day
Growlithe 26,31
Geodude 26,31
Beldum 26,31
Meditite 26,31
Poochyena 26,31
Zigzagoon 26,31
Scraggy 26,31
Machop 26,31
Riolu 26,31
Land Night
Zigzagoon 26,31
Croagunk 26,31
Beldum 26,31
Meditite 26,31
Poochyena 26,31
Litwick 26,31
Stunky 26,31
Lombre 25-30
Slowpoke 25-30
Lotad 25-30
Old Rod
Magikarp 25-30
Good Rod
Barboach 25-30
Goldeen 25-30
Gyarados 25-30
Super Rod
Barboach 25-30
Gyarados 25-30
Seaking 25-30

 Wild Pokémon (Snowy Area) Edit

Pokémon Levels
Cubchoo 29-33
Swinub 29-33
Snover 29-33

 Trainers Edit

Hiker Samuel Edit

Pokémon Level
Krokorok 34
Dwebble 35

Hiker Corvo (Rematchable) Edit

Pokémon Level
Munchlax 35
Magmar 36

Cold Trainer Ramsey (Rematchable) Edit

Pokémon Level
Sealeo 36

Trivia Edit

Corvo and Samuel are references to the Dishonored series.