Route 2 is a mountain climb, leading up to Ember Cave. You'll find your first trainers here, alongside a healthy amount of Grass Pokémon. An old shrine here used to be the talk of legends, but now it seems oddly malevolent. There is also a Pokémon Center at the top of the Route, to help Trainers get through Ember Cave.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Pecha Berry x4 Berry Trees.
Rawst Berry x2 Berry trees.
Pokéball Item Ball hidden behind a tree.
Super Potion Item Ball near the bush Secret Base.
X-Speed Item Ball in the northern, rocky part of the map.
Apricorn x2 Apricorn trees.

 Obtainable Pokémon Edit



Spiritomb The Shrine after the Pokémon League if you possess the Odd Key Stone.

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Poochyena 4-6
Wingull 3-6
Zigzagoon 2-6
Phanpy 3-5
Budew 3-7
Pokémon Levels
Pineco 7
Spinarak 7
Silcoon 7
Cascoon 7
Petilil 7

Trainers Edit

Youngster Josh Edit

Pokémon Level
Sewaddle 5

Youngster Dave Edit

Pokémon Level
Zigzagoon 5

Lass Kim (Rematchable) Edit

Pokémon Level
Pidgey 4
Surskit 4

Lass Karen (Rematchable) Edit

Pokémon Level
Pidgey 4
Zigzagoon 5

Cut Content Edit

The Shrine on the route was initially the location of the Celebi event, but the idea was later moved to Temporal Town, in North Kamla. The event would have utilized an item known as the Time Flute.