Route 4 continues the Kamla ocean. On the sandy beach, Resort Kamla treats special guests. The route leads on to Graphite Forest.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Pearl Hidden on the island.
TM08 Obtainable after you find the womans necklace.
Sharp Beak Item Ball on the grassy area.
Comet Shard Second Floor of Resort Kamla.

 Obtainable Pokémon Edit

Pokemon Location
Mienfoo Traded for a Pidgey by a man near the grass.
Aron Traded for a Pidgey by a man near the grass. (5.0 Update)

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Wingull 5-9
Tentacool 5-9
Buizel 5-9
Wailmer ?
Old Rod
Magikarp 3,4
Magikarp 3,4
Good Rod
Magikarp 3-10
Goldeen 3-10
Gyarados 3-10
Super Rod
Wailmer 5-35
Finneon 5-15
Chinchou 5-35
Shellder 5-25
Pidgey 9-11
Glameow 10,11
Marill 9-11
Abra 9,10
Buneary 10,11
Ralts 11,12
Pachirisu 10-12

Trainers Edit

Cue Ball Austin Edit

Pokémon Level
Trubbish 14

Swimmer Patricia Edit

Pokémon Level
Poliwag 12
Poliwag 11