Route 5 is a grassy route between Graphite Forest, and Graphite City. Workers are creating new parts of the city here, and are expanding slowly.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Super Potion Item Ball near the southern gate.
Apricorn x2 Apricorn Trees
Great Ball Near the tree Secret Base.
Oran Berry Berry tree in the loamy soil.
Full Heal Near the Oran Berry tree.
TM16 Item Ball near the small pond.
Super Repel Item Ball near Lass Chihiro.
Ether Hidden near the construction zone.
Repel Item Ball near the house.
Pokéball Hidden Item near the Machop guy.
Super Potion Item Ball in the boxes.

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels
Petilil 10-13
Glameow 10-13
Pidgey 11-13
Oddish 11-14
Bellsprout 12,13
Cottonee 12,13
Pineco 10
Spinarak 10
Silcoon 10
Cascoon 10
Gloom 15
Tentacool 5-9
Goldeen 5-9
Old Rod
Magikarp 3,4
Magikarp 3,4
Good Rod
Magikarp 3-10
Goldeen 3-10
Gyarados 10-15
Super Rod
Corphish 25-45
Finneon 15-45
Gyarados 25-35
Shellder 15-45

 Trainers Edit

Lass Jane Edit

Pokémon Level
Cottonee 15
Ralts 15

Lass Chihiro (Rematchable) Edit

Pokémon Level
Chansey 17

Engineer Anderson Edit

Pokémon Level
Magnemite 17
Magnemite 16

Engineer Johnson Edit

Pokémon Level
Machop 18
Geodude 17