Route 7 is above River Town and leads to Sandy Cave. Route 7 also houses the Bullet Train, which takes you to North Kamla. Route 7, desert side, also has the Sandstorm Stand, where you can purchase items.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Ultra Ball On top of rocky area.
Heavy Ball x2 Past Strength Boulder.
Super Repel Sandy Side.

Trainers Edit

Hiker Mike Edit

Pokémon Level
Rhyhorn 21
Geodude 19
Machop 20

Hiker Jordy Edit

Pokémon Level
Sandile 21
Geodude 22

Rider Willie (Available Postgame) Edit

Pokémon Level
Zigzagoon 50
Zigzagoon 50
Linoone 50
Linoone 50

Trivia Edit

Rider Willie is a reference to the trainer of the same name in the Orre Region.