Sandy Cave bridges the area between the desert and the more grassy River Town side. The cave is notable for its crumbling walls and sand. It comes out to the other side of Route 7.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
Everstone Rock near the elevated outcropping towards beginning.
Nugget Hidden on rock.
Moon Stone Hidden on rock.
Smooth Rock Item Ball.
Sun Stone Hidden on rock.

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Levels Rate
Woobat 16-20 35%
Zubat 16-20 35%
Golett 16-20 10%
Rhyhorn 16-20 10%
Diglett 16-20 9%
Dugtrio 16-20 1%

Trainers Edit

Hiker Baily Edit

Pokémon Level
Nosepass 22
Throh 22

Ruin Maniac Dale Edit

Pokémon Level
Diglett 21
Woobat 21
Meditite 22

Lass Bridget Edit

Pokémon Level
Castform 24

Hiker Dirk Edit

Pokémon Level
Machoke 22

Youngster LewisEdit

Pokémon Level
Buizel 22
Pidgeotto 23