Treetrunk Town is an isolated village, which hosts the Pokémon Day Care. You can also find the Flower Paradise on it's north edge. The town elder can judge your Pokémon for intriguing potential as well.

Special Features Edit

Pokémon Day Care Edit

In the north end of town, you can find the Pokémon Day Care. The player can leave up to two Pokémon there to earn EXP and potentially create Pokémon Eggs.

Village Elder Edit

The Village Elder can judge the intriguing potential of your Pokémon. This can be useful when breeding for Pokémon.

Move Tutor Edit

A woman can teach your Pokémon Secret Power inside the Pokémon Center.

Obtainable Items Edit

Items Location
EXP Share Village Elder's wife.
Gracedia Woman in the bottom right of town.
TM54 Pokéball near center of town.
Destiny Knot Man near Pokémon Center.

Trivia Edit

Treetrunk Town used to be called Temporal Town. This name was re-used for a new postgame town, and then this town became Treetrunk.